Airport Metro subway, from Incheon to Seoul

The easiest way to get Seoul after you get to Incheon airport, had been Limusine shuttle. But now we have Airport metro, which is a lot faster and cheaper transportation.

It costs 13,300KRW (=$13) for express which takes 43 minutes to Seoul Train Station, or costs 3,700 KRW (under $4) for regular which takes 53 minutes.

It drops from Incheon to Kimpo domestic airport, Seoul Digital Media City (Where you can transfer to Metro #6 line), Hong-ik university (Where you can transfer to Metro #2 line), and Seoul Train Station (Metro #1, #4 Line).

If your destination is around City Hall, you have two choice. You transfer to #2 line at Hongik university to get City hall station, or stop at the final station and get Taxi (should cost under $5)

Useful Link
Other transportation : http://visitseoul.blogspot.com/2007/07/how-to-get-in-from-incheon-airport.html
Seoul Metro Map : http://cafefiles.naver.net/data10/2005/6/13/78/subway_seoul_eng.jpg (this map doesn't show you Airport metro)

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